Smart Travel Hacks For a Smart Traveller: Yes you Need Them !!!!

Whether you’re concerned about saving space in your bag or the size restrictions on the liquid toiletries, organizing all of your belongings into one spot seems like an impossible feat. What better way to hack your way to a more efficient suitcase than using the best tips and tricks, Travel-O-Food brings you a small Compilation of some of the most amazing Travel tips:

1. When booking flights and hotels online enable private browsing. Travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price simply because you’ve visited before.


2. If you forget your wall plug, charge devices through the USB slot on a TV

Forgetting the wall plug is a common mistake we all do when going on a trip. More often than not it is because we wait for the last minute to pack the charger. But no worries! Your hotel room TV can charge up your device with the USB slot on it.

tv charger

3. Keep loose chargers and cables organized with a glasses case

Chargers, earphones, data cables tend to get entangled in themselves and create a lot of nuisance when we need to use them. The best way is to pack them so that they never get tangled. Use your spare glass case to pack your cables and they will always be neat and easy to use.

glasses box

4. Use a binder clip to protect the head of shaving razors

How many of you have faced this issue when the blade of your razor leaves a cut on its surrounded stuff in your suitcase? I am guessing all of us. It’s a common thing we face. So eliminate this by putting a binder clip on the head of the razor and shut it out from damaging the other stuff in your suitcase.

binder clip

5. When packing, line collars with a belt to keep them crispy

This hack will serve two purposes. It will save you packing space and it will keep your shirt collars crisp. Just insert a rolled out belt inside the collar area of the shirt and keep them like this in the suitcase. Your collars will never go bad.


6. Roll clothes, instead of folding, to save tons of baggage space


7. Sit near the wing of the plane for least turbulence

Some of us might hate traveling by air. Turbulence is the leading factor of this hatred. To avoid the unnecessary disturbance, choose the seats that are closest to the plane’s wing. They experience the least turbulence as they are at the most balanced part of the plane’s body.


8. Put a dryer sheet at the bottom of a suitcase to keep your clothes smelling fresh

Dry sheets are used to eliminate the static cling in clothes and therefore, keeping them fresh while traveling. Your clothes will never stink and they’ll be ready to wear!


9. Skip the wait at the baggage claim

Even if your bag does not contain anything breakable, marking your bag with a fragile label leads to gentler handling by airport staff. Also, they’re often loaded on the top of the other luggage meaning it’s one of the first to come out at the baggage claim. Do not wait the next time!


10. A shower cap is an easy way to cover the bottoms of shoes

shower cap

11. Stuff socks and products that won’t burst inside your shoes if you’re low on packing space


12. Protect breakables such as glass fragrance bottles by slipping them into socks before packing them


13. When packing clothes that wrinkle easily, lay the clothing flat inside a dry-cleaning bag, and then fold as normal. The plastic will prevent creases from setting in


14. Fold your blazer inside out to prevent wrinkles


15. Never buy a travel sized tooth paste bottle again — just refill! Or fill an old eyedropper with toothpaste 


16. Wrap headphones around a binder clip to prevent them from tangling


18. When reserving airline seats for 2 people, get the aisle and window: People hardly book the middle one and the odds are that it will remain unoccupied.


19. Use a pen spring to protect chargers from bending and breaking

protect cahrger

20. Save an empty plastic water bottle and refill it after passing security instead of buying water at the airport

empty bottle

21. Bring with a power strip and be a hero for other travellers 😉

power stripNow something special for the Ladies:

22. Use straws to carry travel-size portions of products like shampoo, conditioner, SPF, and others


23. Use empty Chapstick tubes to hide valuables 


24. Put a cotton-ball or pad in your powdered makeup to keep it from breaking

25. Use leftover contact cases to store liquid makeup like foundation 

liquidfoundation26. Prevent your shampoo and conditioner from spilling by using plastic wrap 


27. Use an empty Tic tac case to store hair pins. 

28. Set your jewelry between two sheets of plastic wrap to prevent it from moving around and tangling inside your bag

cos-01-glad-de29. Use pill case compartments or an old lip balm container to organize and keep track of your smaller jewelry, like rings and earrings


30. String the ends of a dainty necklace through straws to prevent the chain from knotting and tangling


31. Keep track of small stud earrings by fastening the set through buttonholes before slipping them into your jewellery bag


32. Coat the ends of a few cotton swabs in your favourite eye shadow shades, and then put them in a plastic sandwich bag when travelling to save packing space


Travel is the Only thing You Buy, That makes you Richer


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