Old Man Winter

I sit back with a cup of hot chocolate while I pen down one week’s involvement in this wonderful city of Chicago. Why Old Man Winter? Since this current city has most and most exceedingly terrible of it. The city I moved to is a great deal hotter yet it is delightful to encounter the main winter in America, in the city of high rises.

I am not a hunger for something new who might need to get out and be lost in the forested areas. I particularly like my home, and the conspicuous solace. However, making a trip to any city has been an awesome affair. Yes, I jump at the chance to go to urban communities than to some nature trail. Urban communities have its own story to tell, which holds the stories of millions making their fantasies work out. I can’t concur less that how heavenly this breezy city is. Because of the temperate flight costs ($97 round trip, yippee), I made it to Chicago to visit my cousin, who lives in Evanston. Goodness yes! This sixteenth exceptionally old suburb is a stylish. The old block houses, deteriorated laundarama, scrumptious doughnuts and the street strolls were a treat.

Pic 1

Benison’s Bakery at Evanston

If a city offers you a shoreline shore, isn’t it a treat. Continuously been a devotee of a place with ocean (*misses the south of India*). Chicago downtown opens with this immense lake Michigan shore and the drive along it is without a doubt worth notwithstanding amid the crisp winter evenings. Because of my cousin, who drove me off till the shore with the goal that I can get out to snap huge amounts of pictures while the temperature is dropping as low as – 2˚C. Tears running down eyes with the icy achieving the bones, shore was justified regardless of every bit of it. I wish I could drop off my shoes and feel the waves hitting my feet, yet well better believe it, I kept away from pneumonia by not doing it so.


pic 2

Amid the getting lost alone on the squares of downtown city and getting the wrong prepares, I couldn’t quit dropping my jaws at the breathtaking perspective of the high rises slithering up the sky. As much as I needed to get back home soon to wrap myself far from the cool, the megacity was justified regardless of the wonderment.


Pic 3

In case you’re getting into Macy’ for to start with, you’ll without a doubt achieve flip side of the city (distortion has been my strong point)

Pass on to Navy Pier for most stupendous perspective of the Chicago city horizon. With the assistance of hot chocolate, I set myself up to slip out of gloves and catch the grand excellence.

pic 4

Can’t see the horizon? Ok! The flying bird rush occupied me by adding the fantastic view to the next end of the genuine edge. I continued sinking into the view as the sun set diminishing the temperature – 5˚ C.

Did someone say pizza? Giordano’s, it is. The gooey, twofold layered, stuffed whatever pizza was excessively filling inside the second chomp (Sorry to every one of the fans, yet isn’t pizza base expected to be thin as paper). Cousin treated me with the must eat pizza, while he ate, I clicked pictures.

pic 5

Pizza picture is accessible on Pinterest, however the style got my eyes. Raise your hands in case you’re pulled in to the drop-down lights.

Try not to leave Chicago without going on the stunning architectural river tour. The stream watercraft going through stunning scrappers with guide illustrating about everyone them was more fascinating than any history class ever.

pic 6

Light did all the enchantment in this photo. I was cautioned thrice not to dunk submit the waterway as I practically fell into it. Be that as it may, would you be able to prevent yourself from not doing as such, take a gander at the shining water.

Acrophobic won’t be content with this place, yet pictures are justified, despite all the trouble, which each tourist is looking forward for the 45 seconds they get the opportunity to stroll into the Skydeck on 103th floor of Willi’s Tower. I went in there in solitude and sat for every one of those 45 seconds without clicking a single snap to conquer the false dread.


pic 7

I need the penthouse on the tallest building in that spot (expectation you’re listening Santa). The view is practically the same from deck, however I took this while I remained in line for god knows how long.

As the vacation reached an end, I went by a place called World Market to get a few gifts. What’s more, OH MY GOD, I went so insane, I place everything in the basket however they declined to take my kidney for it. So, I needed to drop off some stuff. To all the high quality and vintage stuff significant others, this place is a sanctuary. From handmade books to great furniture, they can add the extravagance to your home.


pic 8

To everyone who has been to Chicago, I may have missed some well-known places however isn’t get-away expected to be for rest? Regardless I figured out how to escape the bed to go visit these spots. In case you’re in America, bear in mind to add Chicago to your agenda.

A blustery blow from the breezy city!







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